Helping the world's largest brands & agencies reach diverse communities at scale with authenticity

Black | Asian | Multi-Ethnic | African American | LatinX | Eastern European | disABILITY | Religion | Neuro-Diversity | Age 50+ | Gender Empowerment | LGBTQ+ | Queer Culture and many other communities

Funding the growth of Global Minority Owned and Operated Media through Brand Advance SSP // DSP.

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Reaching Minority Owned and Operated CTV & Digital Entertainment Platforms through Brand Advance CTV.  

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HEATMAP works by marring location data based on ad impressions registered across the Brand Advance SSP network to the CONTEXT of the articles with which the ads are served.

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Data Driven Reach


BA SSP offers contextual AI driven audience segmentation used across all data sets.

Cross screen

Our omnichannel solutions allows businesses to more effectively reach and remarket to audiences across multiple screens.


Diversity data & insights driven strategy and planning across diversity media landscape.


Tracking and brand lift studies across all diversity campaigns.

Net-Zero Technology

Using Good-Loop Green Ad Technology to allow off-set of carbon emissions from every campaign.

How to connect with us?

Direct Advertising

  • Fixed pricing model
  • Tag based implementation
  • Viewable impressions - iab standard.

Programmatic Advertising

  • PMP deals
  • Xandr
  • DV360
  • TTD
  • BidSwitch

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